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Update on Milo

Short update on Milo:

He barks, bites, poops at the right spot (fortunately), and learns the command "sit". He's growing big, and doesn't like to cuddle anymore. Here comes adulthood, round the corner.

Of course, all cleaning done by Mimi. I just do the loving and playing bit. Afterall, she had the naming right!
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Portrait of Milo

Portrait of Milo
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He's a very shy dog, and tremendously dependent. Feels a little sad that we have to leave him on his own for long hours when we're at work.. Discussing with Mimi whether to put him in a dog day-care... ETA: Mimi is having a hard time toilet-training him. So far he's pooped in the kitchen, living room and MY ROOM..


Wishing all Americans a Happy 4th July.

A few hundred years on, and we are still none the wiser.

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My Dream Home..

Son, the choice is yours

At my Catholic induction class last night, Sister Elizabeth told this story:

One man, jeolous of a wise Guru, decided to test the Guru with a riddle.  Holding a closed fist to the Guru, he said:"Guess whether the bird in my hand is dead or alive?"

If the Guru answered alive, the man would crush the bird immediately, and prove the Guru wrong. If the Guru answered that the bird is dead, the man would open his fist to free the bird, and prove the Guru wrong. Either way, the Guru seemed trapped.

The Guru meditated for a long time, and said: "Son, the choice is yours."
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